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Forever Crystal Cloche

Rose Colour
Tiffany Blue
Nude Pink
Pink Peach
Light Pink
Red Orange
Hot Pink
Deep Pink
Pink Purple
Red Violet
  • Make any moment last with elegant forever roses. Each rose is hand selected and cut, then perfectly preserved to give them a life of up to one year in their most perfect state. The pinncale of luxury, this Crystal vessel embossed with delicate ferns, holds a single preserved rose including its full stem on display from every angle. This Forever Rose is engulfed in exquisite Crystal for the utmost in style and sophistication and an unrivalled statement of love that will last. This is a unique, luxurious piece of decor that will bring a feeling of decadence to any room and long lasting statement of love to any relatioship, or special moment. Forever Roses last up one year, and do not require any watering or maintenance. Simply select the right place to display it out of direct sunlight and enjoy all year around. They make the perfect gift to mark a special moment or occassion and will become a beautiful stand alone piece in the home, bedroom or workspace. Available in single roses only. Personalisation is available - enscribe a message on a beautiful plaque on the dome's base.